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Reactions and Explanations

It has come to my attention that there are some people out there who somehow think that the BadWickedEvil page is serious. That "bad" doesn't mean the opposite of good, but "bad" as in what a leather-clad Michael Jackson was back in '87.

So here is some email from people. The first group being people who get the BadWickedEvil concept, and the other half being people who didn't.

I get email about the BadWickedEvil page.

Some people get it.

"Badwickedevil Page - disturbing...."

"Very cool page -- quite funny -- especially the BadEvil page. I guess we've been looking at a lot of the same badly designed newbie Web sites out there."

"OK, yes, it does look like the epitome of every appalling home-built Web page, but don't you think it's getting a little dated? I mean, there's all sorts of new technology out there!"

Some people don't get it.

"the badwickedevil page takes me to some guys lame-o homepage.... presume this isn't intentional ???!"

"There are several broken links and misspellings on your page that you need to repair. Many of the links to your friends, for instance, aren't functioning. I know you're new to this HTML thing, so I'm going to give you this award anyway and ask that you keep working on the links and spelling."

It's kind of strange how people could interpret the disclaimer,

"the BadWickedEvil page is a composite of the best of the worst. It's chock full o' almost every cliche that gets used again and again by people making their own web pages."

As meaning that the page was a serious page or whatever it's thought of as being.