The veil of darkness has fallen
The dark night clouds my soul
The torment and pain that is my life is ceaseless
O! Do not cry for me!
I stand.
I cry.

well you are probably wondering what this is all about so i will tell you. i was betryaed by someone i loved. someone i trusted. someone i was going to marry.

in august iw ent over to canada to meet my fiance huGGGy1.l we were meeting for the first time and we had agreed that we would live together for a month in canada to make sure that we were ment for each other then afterwards we were going to fly back to new zealnd and get married on the beach.

so i flew over to canada and i met huGGGY1 and let me say this. when huGGGY1 wrote "i live by myself in a kewl apartment " i thought that would mean someone who was living on their own in a kewl apartment - not in their parents garage. and also that this person would be grownup enough to have a doulbe bed for their finance to sleep with them in instead of a single bed they both had to squeze into.

and that the sacred vow of love would be observed instead of saying that 'ifg you loved me you would have s*x with me" because some of us are not like that.

so then huGGy1 said that because i was not ready to commit the marridge was off. i did not want it to end like this. i wanted it to work.

i was prepared to go to councelling.

i am very sad. misery has flooded my sole.

Send me an and cheer me up!!!