Well this is my third WWW webp age and it look rather snazzy!!! I am getting the hang of this WWWinternet designing and I am quite pleased with my HTMLS. Lot's of positive feed [email protected]!

I thought I would make this page about ME and things that I have done to show off m y "creative" side.

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I think that there is a lot of war and fighting int he world and that it should be stopped becuse "hat good is war???' It is NO GPPD!. So if you are a person who is involved in war (and i know that there ARE war people on the intenret) PLEASE STOP!!!

I think it is important to be one with nature but that does not mean that you shouldn't not eat cows. Because cows were put on the earth to be food for growing humans and they provide us with nutrition. But if I had to kill my own cows i wouldn't because that is cruel so that is why there are butchers who are profesional's.

I think colour (or color if your American (hi!! (G))) is very inportant in life and we should have more tihnga that are VERY coloutrful. Do not paint things white or black - BORING!!! Spice up with fun colours!!! Green orange blue



O mother
Woman of the earth
Earth mother
I was born of your scared whomb
I dream of your existance
And I know
That one day
It will me mine


I see the magestic waterfall
Cascading down
It is beautiful
Nature's splender and beuaty
I feel happy to be there
But there is a pipe
With sewage flwoing
O, tears flow down my cheeks
I cry
What have we done???!!?


Friends are important to me
New fiends and old friends
Younf friends and old friends
Internet friends and real life friends
They are all important to me
I do not know you
But I tihnk we could be friend's
How about it?


Um I do not have any stories here at the moment because I have not written any but when I write some I will stick them here!!!!!! (G)


I haven't got anything here either but whrn I do I will put it up here.

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