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Dorkland Represent

There's the stereotypical disgruntled person who does not come from Auckland who says "I bloody well hate Dorkland cos it's full of dorks."

I'm not trying to reclaim this term by using it as a person who lives in Auckland. I mean, there are some really dorky people in Auckland.

For example, I saw this lady and she was really skinny, but she was wearing some really big grey shorts with those cheap-arse white sports socks with red and green stripes. They were pulled up. And she was wearing some budget-arse grey running shoes. Tucked into her big shorts was a white flower-printed blouse. Her hair was short and naturally curly, but she had it all brushed out so it was like a solid mass of fuzz, an unironic whitey afro. She was also sporting a pair of $2 imitation Blue Blockers.

So this is all about my adventures in Auckland since I moved here in February 1997. Dork, class and in between.

And just be thankful I don't live in Huntly.