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A jolly ol' restaurant review!

Gantry's restaurant at the Auckland Centra Hotel: It sucks, don't go there.

It had been my choice, I would not have gone there.

It was lunchtime and the restaurant was filled with business people, predominantly male, having business lunches. Diners at a nearby table were loud and made conversion almost impossible.

Adding to the suckful ambience was the lighting. It was bright and harsh. The sort of lighting that's purposely designed to suck to encourage people to be quick for higher customer turnaround.

The menu was shit. It was like Denny's food with poetic descriptions. There was nothing that appealed to me. I ended up ordering butter chicken from the specials card and a communal plate of "cajun wedges". They both sounded like they'd be a bit more interesting than the rest of the menu.

Ha! Wrong. Y'know the movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" were people are slowly replaced with alien clones of themselves that are emotionless? It was like the butter chicken had that done to it. It was just chicken in an orange sauce on rice. It had taste, but no flavour. It was bland.

The cajun wedges were equally disappointing. The word "cajun" conjures up the idea of spiciness, but sadly these wedges tasted like plain old potato wedges with a crisp coating, served with plain tomato salsa and sour cream.

I was unable to force myself to consume such utterly dull and lifeless food, and in such a horrible environment.

A few hours later I'm hungry due to lack of lunch and am seriously considering consuming a relatively interesting Big Mac.

I don't know what I dislike more. Restaurants who serve such utterly crap food or the people who choose to dine there.