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It was the day the tree was cut down. On my way back from the gym I detoured up Mount Eden. I got out and walked over to the southern side of the crater and looked out towards One Tree Hill.

All that was left of the tree was the trunk. Sticking up like a swizzle stick in a grassy green cocktail (I'm trying to evoke imagery here, ok?)

Near me were an assortment of people. Couples, groups of friends, people on their own, all moping in the general direction of One Tree Hill.

The side of the summit car park that overlooked One Tree Hill was full of cars, with some people even parking on the bus turning circle so they could sit and look at what remained of the tree.

All these people ignoring the twin harbours, the golden sunset over the Waitakeres and the sprawl of the city, all looking at one thing.

Then suddenly in a post-workout endorphin rush, I had an idea. Wouldn't it just be the choicest thing, I thought, if there was a web site commemorating One Tree Hill? Somewhere where people can share their stories or debate what tree is going to replace the felled pine.

But web site construction of that type is not my forte, but I knew someone who would be up to it. I fired off an email to Dylan, and within 24 hours he had registered and was working on a web site.

So now now the One Tree Hill site is up, like a little sapling, ready to grow into a mighty tree. I suggest that you all go and look at it now.